The 4 Best .308 Rifles for 2019

May 12, 2019
The 4 Best .308 Rifles for 2019

One of the best ammunition to use in your hunting rifle is the .308 caliber. While the best .308 bolt action rifle or semi-automatic rifle will depend on the user’s preference, we’ll discuss four of the most popular options.

.308 rifles are normally limited to an effective range of about 300 yards, but this range may change depending on weather conditions such as wind.

History of the .308 Ammo

The .308 caliber was designed to replace the .30-06 ammunition used in the M1 Grand of World War II. A major problem with the M1 Grand was the magazine capacity which was only eight bullets. The size of the .30-06 rounds prohibited the magazine size from getting bigger, so new, smaller ammunition had to be developed.

The introduction of the smaller .308 round led to the creation of the M14 and the M60. The M14 served as a replacement for the M1 Grand and the M60 as a machine gun. Military use of the M14 was short-lived as not long after producers developed the M16 assault rifle which replaced the M14 as the standard issue. One reason for this was that 7.62 mm ammunition was developed which performed the same function as .308 rounds but slightly better, so .308 ammunition almost entirely disappeared from military use.

While the .308 ammunition was no longer the option for the military, many hunters adopted it and used it as the base for designs of many other rifles.

1. Ruger American Predator

Coming in at slightly under $400, the Ruger American Predator is a perfect rifle for people on a budget. Without any attachments such as scopes or silencers, it weighs only 6.25 pounds, making it easier to carry around compared to other common hunting rifles.

Just because it costs slightly less does not make the Predator worse than other options. While less expensive rifles generally do not allow for muzzle attachments such as silencers or brakes, the Predator allows for a large amount of customization to the user’s preference. The main problem with the rifle is that the plastic stock looks flimsy, but despite looks, the rifle remains effective.

Ruger American Predator

2. Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Stainless

This rifle is excellent for people who want to buy one of the best and most visually appealing bolt action hunting rifles on the market. It combines the well-known Winchester wood and steel look for great aesthetics with a stellar performance. The rifle is made of stainless steel material with a wooden stock. While the stainless steel makes the rifle durable, the wooden stock is vulnerable to environmental damage, so keep it in good condition. The Model 70 was one of the first .308 rifles introduced after the invention of this ammunition in the 50s.

3. The McMillan CS5 Alias

This rifle will fit all your tactical desires. The stock is adjustable to any user to maximize comfort. It can also be replaced if damaged or if you want one made from a different material. Different scopes can be attached to this rifle or removed if you prefer the iron sights. This rifle was originally designed for special forces and elite police departments, but it is now available for public purchase. Since it was designed for special forces, a series of other attachments are available such as silencers.

4. Springfield M1A

Relating back to the military weapon, the M14, the Springfield M1A was designed as a civilian version specifically for activities such as hunting. It comes with a classic rifle look and does not sacrifice any accuracy or durability by doing so. It also has a large number of customization options available to make the rifle perfect for you.

The main issue with the Springfield M1A is how long and heavy it is. They can be as long as 22 inches and weigh up to 11.6 lbs.


Whether you are looking for an inexpensive rifle to shoot at the range, a quality hunting rifle, or the most tactical rifle, using .308 ammunition guarantees an accurate shot within 300 yards. Although every person has a different budget and preference, it is important to find the best semi-automatic rifle, or bolt action, that you will love.

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