6 Best Home-defense Tactical Shotguns 2019

January 8, 2020
6 Best Home-Defense Tactical Shotguns 2019

When you are choosing a home-defense weapon, select a tool that ensures the safety of your property, your loved ones, and yourself. A tactical shotgun is a great choice for defending your home, as the mere stopping power is enough to prevent a bad guy from harming you or your family.

Buyers should review the best options available to them before purchasing a new gun. Below, you will discover the top six home-defense tactical shotguns available for purchase. Having your own home-defense tactical shotgun that is right for you is one step further towards a safer home.

What Makes a Shotgun?

A shotgun is a firearm that fires specific types of ammunition. A shotgun fires shells that are full of small pellets, known as shots, or solid projectiles known as slugs. Ammunition comes in a variety of gauges. The lower the gauge, the larger the projectile. Most shotguns are designed to be held, cocked, and fired from the shoulder.

What Makes a Gun Tactical?

A tactical weapon is designed differently from a hunting rifle or shotgun. Hunting rifles have lower maneuverability because you are often immobile when taking a shot in a game-hunting scenario. However, combat situations with assailants and hostile are generally fluid and fast-moving, therefore requiring a gun that can move easily in battle.

What Is a Tactical Shotgun?

A tactical shotgun is specifically designed for combat, which differentiates it from the type of shotgun you would use to hunt duck or big game. A tactical shotgun lends itself to the realm of personal and home defense. If the need to use a firearm arises in a home-defense situation, you will be in very close quarters, which is exactly the type of environment that a tactical shotgun excels in.

A defensive shotgun has a short barrel length. An 18-inch barrel is the shortest legal length that a civilian gun owner is allowed to own on their shotgun.

Most tactical shotguns are 12-gauges, but there are some other options as well. A 20-gauge shotgun should be considered for home-defense, especially if you or any of your family members using the gun have a slighter frame. The 20-gauge won’t kick as much as a 12-gauge and is a little more user-friendly. The higher the gauge size is, the smaller the shot radius, as well as a smaller resulting force from the shot.

What Can the Shotgun Do?

A tactical shotgun functions primarily like a regular hunting shotgun. However, its unique combat-oriented design allows a tactical shotgun to perform better in self-defense scenarios than a traditional hunting shotgun would.

When you are using a gun to defend a home, you are moving around tight corners. This is why maneuverability is so important in these types of situations. You want to get the best sightline on an assailant as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A tactical shotgun can protect you and your family from threats to your home. Since tactical shotguns are shorter than regular shotguns, you can easily swing the barrel when clearing a room or checking corners.

How a Semi-Auto Shotgun Can Be Better

Depending on the shooter’s style and the type of home they live in, a semi-automatic shotgun may be a better option than a double- or pump-action shotgun. Buyers should consider all the options available before making an investment in a home-defense shotgun.

Semi-auto shotguns are good for home-defense because high stress and nerves affect accuracy, which means you will want as many rounds available to you as possible. Shooting as quickly as possible can also be an added benefit. However, just blasting away may not always be the soundest strategy, as it can result in more damage to your property and less-accurate shots.

The main advantage of pump-action shotguns is their reliability. Gas-powered semi-automatic shotguns encounter performance issues more regularly than a pump-action. Some gun owners also just like the amount of control given to the shooter by a pump-action.

A pump-action shotgun, however, means that the user must have enough muscle memory in a tense situation to load, pump, aim, and shoot. These extra steps are not always an advantage for some homeowners.

In the end, it is really up to the user. If you want to overwhelm an assailant with a quick precession of shots, a semi-automatic shotgun is an excellent choice.

Types of Tactical Shotgun

The best type of tactical shotgun can vary from person to person and home to home. The basic types you will find are pump-action and semi-automatic.

A double-barreled break-action shotgun is not recommended for home defense, as they are typically low-capacity and take longer to reload. Break-action shotguns traditionally fit two shells in the chamber, which is not a very high capacity. They also require the gun to be split and the shells to be manually inserted which takes up time and dexterity that you don’t always have in a home-defense scenario.

Types of Tactical Shotgun

Tactical Shotgun Pros and Cons

The tactical shotgun is the most effective weapon in close quarters combat situations. This is a massive pro for the realm of home-defense. A tactical shotgun is superior to regular hunting shotguns due to their shorter length and higher ammunition capacity. Most hunting shotguns are not semi-automatic. Hunting shotguns do have a longer range, but in a home-defense scenario, you will be in close quarters, so range should not be a primary factor.

A chief con is that sometimes shotguns can be a lot to handle. Some shooters may feel more comfortable in their ability to defend their homes when wielding a pistol instead of a shotgun that has a stronger kick.

Why Choose a Shotgun for Home-Defense?

The benefit of having a short-barreled weapon in a home-defense scenario is that you will have increased maneuverability as you move from room to room in your house. No matter the action, whether it be a semi-automatic shotgun or a pump-action shotgun, a gun with a shorter barrel is going to allow you to check rooms more safely and efficiently.

An 18-inch barrel, 18.5-inch barrel, and 20-inch barrel are all perfect for home-defense scenarios. Having a shorter gun can also allow you to fire one-handed if necessary. The best type of tactical shotgun is one that can fire multiple times without reloading. The more rounds without reloading the safer you will be in an emergency situation. The general rule of thumb for home-defense is that a tactical shotgun should be able to fire two rounds without needing more shells, but there are many options that can fire much more than that before reloading is necessary.

Tactical shotguns are also great for their customization options. Various attachments can be added to your shotgun to make it even more effective. Many tactical shotguns feature a Picatinny rail which allows for the installation of different tactical gear such as lights and front sights. Popular sights include red dots and ghost ring sights.

The right sights will increase your accuracy and allow you to put down hostiles faster. Lights can be helpful when moving in the dark. Most home-defense situations occur at night, so having a laser or flashlight can be helpful for picking out threats.

List of Best Home-Defense Tactical Shotguns

Here are the top six tactical shotguns for home-defense:

  • Kel Tec KSG
  • Benelli M4
  • Mossberg 500
  • Remmington 870
  • Hatsan Escort
  • Mossberg 930 Tactical

Tactical Shotguns

Kel Tec KSG

The KSG series from Kel Tec has completely revolutionized the world of tactical self-defense shotguns. This gun is truly diverse in its design and features.

The KSG series is a pump-action model. All of the KSG series models are chambered for 3-inch shells and can fire a versatile range of different projectiles. Reloading is incredibly quick with one of the most impressive features on the Kel Tec KSG: The dual magazine tube selector switch. This impressive weapon is also completely ambidextrous and downward-ejecting.

The bullpup design with the action and magazine placed behind the trigger creates a very short and maneuverable shotgun. The synthetic stock still provides ample stability and improved accuracy. This shotgun is one of the best options on the market if you are looking for a reliable high-capacity shotgun.

With the double magazine tubes that can hold seven shells each, you are looking at one of the most high-capacity shotguns on the market. You will be able to get up to 14 shots before you have to completely reload.

The caliber is the standard 12-gauge. The smooth-bore barrel sports a length of 18.5-inches. The trigger pull weight comes in at about 5lbs. The KSG is also available in all 50 states and is a perfectly legal option for the best in home-defense. Each model also features a Picatinny rail for more tactical optimization.

The KSG series comes in multiple variations. There is the standard KSG model, as well as the KSG25, which holds an even greater ammo capacity. The KSG Tactical model features a foregrip and extensive customization options, while the KSG Compact is designed for gun owners that want a smaller home-defense firearm.

Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 represents a high-quality semi-automatic option. This shotgun is gas-powered, allowing for shots to discharge quickly. The United States Marine Corps uses the Benelli M4, so you can trust that it is absolutely reliable. The gun is available in standard grip or pistol grip. It features a Picatinny rail and adjustable ghost ring sights.

This gun is extremely durable and can stand up to even the harshest conditions and situations. It will stand the test of time, and as a home-defense shotgun, it will not let you down. If you want to be extremely certain that your weapon will be in its best condition the Benelli M4 is also available in a titanium finish.

The overall length of the weapon is 40-inches and the average weight is 7.8 lbs. The finish is a black tactical synthetic material. It has a 5-round capacity.

Mossberg 500 Tactical

The Mossberg 500 is a high-powered pump-action shotgun that provides excellent stopping power. This shotgun will put an end to even the most relentless attacker. Military and law enforcement trust the Mossberg 500 to get the job done, so you can rest assured that it is a great home-defense weapon.

The operation of this shotgun is very smooth and features classic pump-action reliability. The anti-jam elevator keeps the guns from failing when you need it the most. Operation is also completely ambidextrous thanks to the top-mounted safety.

The gun also features tri-rails for attachments and adjustable stocks that allow you to find the perfect pull length. This gun is extremely modular and can be adapted to almost any shooting style, making it ideal for civilian home-defense. The Mossberg 500 also has many variant models that appeal to different tactical preferences.

The standard model has a barrel length of 18.5-inches while the eight-shot model has a barrel length of 20-inches. The length of pull for the six-shot is 13.875-inches while the eight-shot is 14.25-inches. The weight of the six-shot is 6.75 lbs. and the eight-shot is 7 lbs.

Mossberg 500 Tactical

Remington 870 Express

This tactical model of the classic Remington 870 sportsman rifle is widely considered to be one of the best pump-action shotguns of all time. The Remington 870 is also a relatively more affordable option, and still features a variety of versatile customization options to boost the tactical efficiency of the gun.

The Remington 870 has nearly 70 years of reliability. The fact that this firearm has endured as a popular choice for gun owners over all of this time is a true testament to how great this shotgun really is. This is most definitely due to its reliability and low chance of cycling errors thanks to its twin-action slide arms.

Barrels can also be removed and swapped to accommodate the appropriate gauge making this gun a very versatile option as well as a strong one. The tactical model also features a synthetic stock, Picatinny rails for sights, and an extended magazine tube for high capacity shooting.

The gun also features a vast array of cosmetic options and different finishes to choose from. For gun buyers who want an extremely durable gun that can protect their home and double as a hunting gun, the Remington 870 is a terrific option that will be sure to please the owner.

This gun is available in 12, 20, and 28 gauges. The standard model has an average weight of seven pounds, a 4-round capacity, and the length of pull is 14-inches.

Hatsan Escort AimGuard

This option blends a high-quality weapon with an affordable price range, something that can be difficult to find in the gun market. Don’t let the cost of a firearm deter you from protecting your home. If the price is a factor, the Hatsan Escort AimGuard is the perfect tactical home-defense shotgun for you.

This shotgun has been used by security and law enforcement. When buying lower-priced weapons, it is always advisable to check if they are quality and respected firearms. The Hatsan is home-defense and tactical approved.

The barrel of the Escort AimGuard can be fitted to the lowest 18-inches or can be outfitted with a 20-inch variant. The gun features a fiber optic front sight for improved accuracy. The barrels are made of a compound steel alloy with chrome plating. The rifle is proof-tested to withstand up to 17,160 lbs. of pressure per square inch.

The advanced polymer stock is strong and sturdy and features a butt pad so the gun fits comfortably on the shooter’s shoulder and reduced kick while firing. This weapon is also a high capacity option. The 18-inch barrel length can hold five standard rounds while the 20-inch barrel length can hold seven rounds. Pistol grip accessories are also available at no additional cost added on to the base model.

Mossberg 930 Tactical

In home-defense situations, every second is valuable. Diverting time to reloading could be dangerous. The Mossberg 930 Tactical is an autoloading shotgun, giving it a tremendous advantage as a home-defense weapon. Even when reloading is necessary, the Mossberg 930 Tactical is saving you time with the quick-empty magazine release button.

The tactical model comes with all the extra features you would expect out of a great tactical shotgun, such as Picatinny rails and a ghost ring sight. Alternatively, white dot or front bead sights are available as well.

The shotgun has a very respectable 8-shot capacity, which can be enough to neutralize a threat quickly and efficiently. The barrel length comes in at 18.5-inches and the choke is a cylinder bore. The pull length is 14 inches. The stock is black and constructed from sturdy synthetic materials and the barrel has a matte blued finish. In total, the gun is 39-inches long and weighs 7.5 lbs.

Alternative models are also available to meet different preferences or tactical necessities. The 930 Tactical SPX features additional customization options and more railing space for attachments like lights. The 930 Tactical SPX is also available in a pistol grip variant and can be purchased in both a tan and matte blued barrel finish. The pistol grip weapon is slightly shorter than the standard 930 Tactical.

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