A Review of the 4 Best 9mm Handguns on the Market

When it comes to choosing the best single stack 9mm handguns, it can be challenging to narrow your options because so many handguns boast consistent reliability and durability.
Ask yourself these questions to help you narrow down your selection. Decide first what your purpose will be: concealed carry, home defense, target shooting, or sport. Are you looking for a specific brand or model, or are you looking for a reasonable price point?
The following is a list of our top four 9mm handguns for sale on today’s market. Do your research, try some out at the range, and decide for yourself which one is the right handgun for you.

1. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0 9mm Compact

This model also features an integrated Crimson Trace Red Laser, which lasts up to four hours and adds to shooting fun and accuracy. The laser is adjustable for windage and elevation factors, too. A built-in laser for added accuracy is an excellent tool for becoming comfortable with your aim.
While the magazine clip runs small, the S&W M&P Shield M2.0 doesn’t compromise on power. This striker-fired double-action pistol is ready when you are. The tape-textured grip is comfortable to hold, even after multiple firings, and it doesn’t slip in your hands.
The M&P’s take-down lever and sear deactivation make disassembling the gun a breeze without the need to pull the trigger.
The M&P Shield comes in at a little under 19 oz and is just under an inch wide, making it ideal for concealed carry.

2. Sig Sauer P320 XCompact

If you’re looking for a compact gun with a reliable reputation behind it, the Sig Sauer P320 series is a great choice. The weapon was selected by the Department of Defense as the next standard-issue service pistol for the U.S. Army.
This compact series features patented modular grip, easy to alternate external safeties, and serialized trigger technology. This allows customization of the grip to fit your hand and a change to a different caliber. The extended high undercut trigger guard and low-profile internal magwell add to low recoil and high concealability. If you’re looking for a 9mm handgun to add to your concealed carry routine, the P320 is the one.
As a bonus, the Sig Sauer P320 XCompact pistol also features an ambidextrous slide catch lever and reversible magazine, making it a perfect fit no matter which hand you use. Best of all, even though it’s a compact pistol, it boasts a 15+1 magazine capacity, making it one of the best choices for personal protection on the market. The subcompact model is also double stacked. The P365 subcompact possesses the added benefit of semi-auto fire.

3.Glock 19

Glock 19

Proceeded by the classic Glock 17, Glock 19 is a favorite single action 9mm pistol for law enforcement across the country. This gun has quickly become the gun of choice for many of the U.S.’s elite military special forces.
Glock pistols hold up in any harsh environment. It boasts a 15+1 magazine round capacity with optional 17, 24, 31, and 33 extensions. It packs a lot of power, making it great for both concealed carry and home defense. It’s not super compact, but it’s small and lightweight enough to carry concealed comfortably.
The Glock 19 features a crisp 5.5-pound trigger pull, which feels smooth and crisp with minimal recoil. It also features a reversible magazine release and ambidextrous slide stop for added versatility and ease of use.

4. HK VP9


The Heckler & Koch VP9 is a solid striker-fired pistol, and useful for multiple purposes, including self-defense, concealed carry, and target shooting. The cold hammer-forged polygonal bore seals gases behind the bullet, increasing velocity and reducing recoil.
The HK VP9 comes with a 10+1 or 15+1 magazine capacity, putting it on par with other pistols of its size. The rear charging supports make the slide easy to use, and the grip panels and finger molds make the VP9 a comfortable fit for your hands. This pistol is equipped with a special anti-corrosion finish over its polymer frame, making it a great choice to take into most landscapes.
The trigger is crisp and easy, making this an enjoyable gun to shoot. You won’t go wrong when you take this pistol to the range, and it is designed to last for years.

The “VP” stands for “Volkspistol,” or “the People’s Pistol.” Its ambidextrous controls and ergonomic design certainly help it live up to the name. It’s definitely a people-pleaser.

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