Best 9mm Glocks 2019: Ultimate Models Guide

January 8, 2020
Best 9mm Glocks 2019: Ultimate Models Guide

One of the best self-defense tools you can add to your arsenal is a 9mm pistol. This versatile and adaptable choice will serve you well in almost any environment and situation.

Glock has been manufacturing some of the highest-quality pistols since the development of the Glock 17 pistol in the 1980s. In this guide, explore the best 9mm Glock pistol models and find which Glock is the best for you.

The Glock 9mm: By Which Most Guns Are Judged

There’s a reason why Glock has had such an enduring presence in the world of firearms since 1982. Their presence in popular and professional gun culture is not unwarranted.

Glocks stand at the top of the 9mm pistol list and are known for their sturdiness, reliability, and great shooting feel. Glocks are trusted by law enforcement agencies worldwide and civilian gun owners.

Two-thirds of all U.S. police departments utilize Glock weaponry. Law enforcement officers will regularly cite Glock 9mms as their pistol of choice.

The original principles applied to the first Glock model still apply to their production today. These principals are high magazine capacity, durability, reliability, and ease of use. These four elements have remained true to the Glock brand over the decades and have cemented Glock 9mm as the premier 9mm pistol.

Glocks can be subjected to many different kinds of external stress. Extreme temperatures, water submersion, and blunt force connections will not stop a Glock from firing accurately.

Ease of use for Glocks is easily one of the Glock’s most impressive features. When the Glock pistol first came to America in 1988, police officers were amazed at the light trigger pull and how much the Glock improved their accuracy. Today, Glocks are still one of the most easy-to-learn guns for beginner shooters.

Glock has also been reinforced in the public psyche through popular culture. Starting in the 1990s, movies and TV shows regularly featured the Glock. In Die Hard 2, Bruce Willis’ character gives a long speech on the many advantages of the Glock. Glocks also feature very prominently in popular hip-hop music.

Best Glocks 2019: Across Calibers & Sizes

Glocks sell pistol models in a variety of calibers and sizes. This guide will briefly overview the different caliber options available to gun owners looking to purchase a Glock.

  • 22 LR – G44: The Glock 44 is a super-compact pistol option. This is the first Glock to chamber a .22 caliber round. It is a great gun to learn and train on.
  • 9×19 – This is the classic Glock caliber. This caliber features the Glock 17, 19, 26, 34, 43, 45, and 48. All the subsequent variations and generations fall under this caliber as well.
  • .380 Auto – G42: This gun is a subcompact pistol for those looking for a small 6-round pistol.
  • .357 – The .357 caliber includes models 31, 32, and 33, as well as their subsequent variations and generations. The Glock 32 is compact and the Glock 33 is subcompact.
  • .40 – This caliber includes models 22, 23, 24, 27, and 35, as well as their subsequent variations and generations.
  • .45 Auto – This caliber includes models 21, 30, 36, and 41 and subsequent generations.
  • .45 G.A.P. – This caliber includes model 37, 38, and 39.
  • 10mm Auto – This caliber includes models 20, 29, and 40.

The most popular models by far are the 9mm models. This is the conventional caliber for which Glock is best known. The 9mm Glocks come in all sizes from regular, compact, subcompact, and extended competition barrel lengths. This means Glock 9mms are perfect for any situation, including concealed carry.

Which Type of Glock Is Right for You?

While some may say any Glock is the right Glock, it really depends on the shooter to determine which caliber, frame size, and model is best. It is a good idea to go to a shooting range and test out multiple pistols of different calibers to see which one feels right and provides the best accuracy.

If you’re planning to carry concealed, experiment with multiple Glocks to see which feels the most natural to holster and unholster.

Best 9mm Glock Models

There are numerous 9mm options that each have different aspects that will appeal to each unique individual. This guide will help you determine which model is the best for you.

The Glock 17

This is the original 9mm handgun manufactured by Glock for the Austrian Army in 1982. There is usually always something to be said for the classics, and the G17 is definitely no exception. The Glock 17 solidified the popularity of synthetic-framed striker-fired pistols in the civilian and service arenas. A favorite among law enforcement, this pistol is also considered by some to be the best home-defense pistol you can find.

The Glock 17 is designed for professionals and is quick and easy to use, making it one of the most endearing and beloved pistols ever. It is a standard size 9mm pistol that offers great accuracy, handling, and a comfortable shooting experience.

The standard magazine is an ample 17 rounds. With a fully-loaded mag, the gun weighs approximately two pounds. The total length of the gun is 8.03-inches and the trigger pull requires 28N or 5.84 pounds of force.

The Glock 19

This gun is the descendant of the fully-automatic Glock 18. The G19 was not the first 9mm pistol that Glock manufactured, but it has since become the gold standard for 9mm handguns for the entire gun manufacturing industry.

The Glock 19 is a compact-sized firearm, making it ideal for concealed carry. When you carry guns that are concealed, you want to make sure that they fit securely and are discreet. The dimensions of the Glock 19 allow it to do both of these things. This weapon is versatile enough for almost any situation.

This gun has a slide and barrel that clocks in at 7.36-inches long. The weight of the firearm with a loaded magazine is approximately 2 lbs. This light-weight weapon can be carried for extended periods without causing fatigue. The trigger pull requires 28N of force. The other great advantage of this gun is its ample 15+1-round magazine capacity.

The Glock 26

The G26 is a truly unique specimen. This subcompact pistol, affectionately dubbed the baby Glock, was Glock’s first major sub-compact pistol designed for civilian concealed carry use.

This gun is extremely slim and lightweight. Its small frame does nothing to detract from its accuracy and efficiency, and it remains one of Glock’s most respected models. The lack of significant recoil boosts the shooter’s accuracy and allows for shots to be fired in rapid succession.

The Glock 26 can also hold a tremendous amount of ammo for a subcompact pistol. The magazine capacity for the standard model is 10 rounds, but other variations on the G26 can hold up to 12 rounds. The barrel length is a short 3.43 inches and the trigger pull requires 28N of force. The total length of the gun is 6.5-inches.

The Glock 26

The Glock 43

The G43 is essentially a single-stacked variant on the Glock 26. For shooters who want a little more space on their grip but still appreciate the incredibly slim frame and lightweight feel of the Glock 26, the Glock 43 is the answer.

This subcompact pistol can withstand the same levels of wear and tear as its larger predecessors and still boasts impressive accuracy. The grip is specially designed with an aggressive texture to facilitate a comfortable shooting experience.

The total length of the gun is 6.26-inches. It weighs just over a single pound with a fully loaded magazine. The standard model holds six rounds, but extended variants can hold up to eight rounds.

The Glock 34

The G34 is a competition-size 9mm pistol. The long slide and barrel make it an incredibly accurate pistol. This pistol is not optimal for concealed carry due to its size. However, it is a perfectly-sized home-defense weapon.

While this firearm has found widespread use in the realm of shooting sports, it is also highly favored by SWAT teams, marking it as a great tactical option to add to your home defense arsenal.

The standard magazine capacity is 17 rounds. The weight of the gun with a fully-loaded mag is approximately 2 pounds. The total length of the gun is 8.82-inches and the trigger pull is an easy 24N or 4.44 pounds of force.

The Best Glock 9mm Pistols Compared

The Best Glock 9mm pistol comes down to the situation the gun used for, and how comfortable it is for your personal carry and firing purposes.

If you are looking for a home-defense pistol, the G17 or the G34 are two excellent choices. For concealed carry purposes, the G19 and the G26 are popular options. They are all versatile enough to serve their users well in a variety of situations.

Our Top Choice

While all of the Glocks featured in this guide are worthy firearms, there is one that stands slightly above the rest. Its versatility and adaptable features, as well as its extremely high rate of fire, make the Glock 19 9mm pistol our number one recommended Glock.

The Glock 19 compact pistol has everything a 9mm gun owner could want and more. This Glock is more modular than almost any other model. Its backstrap system allows for interchangeable grips to be swapped around so you can find the best fit for you. The reversible magazine catch also makes this pistol ambidextrous.

The G19 is the closest you are going to come to the full auto G18 in terms of fire rate. The standard magazine capacity is a cool 15 rounds. The frame is slim and is perfect for concealed carry.

Which Is The Best Glock?

Most gun owners and gun reviewing sites list the Glock 19 as the all-around best. However, some Glocks do excel in specific categories. For home-defense, the G17 is a natural choice. The G26 is the best for concealed carry and the G34 is the best for competition shooting.

Some Definitions

For those that are not super familiar with the world of firearms, here are some key terms that will make this guide easier to understand.

  • Trigger pull – How much weight, and consequently effort, is required to shoot the gun
  • Synthetic frame – The material used to manufacture Glock pistols
  • Striker-fired – A pistol with no hammer and a mainspring in the slide

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