Best Firearm Options For Home Defense

February 25, 2020
Best Firearm Options for Home Defense

Your home is one of your most sacred possessions. It’s where your life is and where your immediate family members reside. Home invasion can threaten your safety, the safety of those you love, and threaten to damage your property. Being prepared for any scenario in your home, from home invasions to suspicious bumps in the night, is not an unreasonable step.

A weapon for home defense is one of the best insurance policies you can have. Guns for home defense come in many shapes and sizes and certain firearms are optimal for quick draw, precise shots, and minimal recoil.

What Makes A Gun Good For Home Defense?

Not every gun is going to be the right fit for self-defense or home defense. For example, a long hunting rifle is going to be ineffective against hostiles entering your home. A hunting rifle is very long, meaning it is heavier and takes longer to check corners and swivel the gun. Most traditional hunting rifles are also not semi-automatic, and ammo capacity for hunting rifles is typically not that high.

Home-defense guns should be tactically-built. This means that they have shorter barrels and can be maneuvered much more easily for checking corners and hallways when in the close quarters of your home. Getting a line of sight on an enemy quickly before they get one on you is one of the most important aspects of gun combat. Semi-automatic home defense handguns are great because they are lightweight and easy to move.

The fire rate of the gun is also a big concern. Getting as many shots off as quickly as possible is sometimes your best bet in a self-defense situation. When you’re engaged in combat, every second counts, so you have minimal time to manually cock your weapon. A semi-automatic weapon is the best choice when reviewing weapons for home defense. Nearly all modern self-defense pistols are semi-automatic. Semi-auto rifles and shotguns can also be very effective home defense weapons.

Higher capacity means higher survival. The more ammo you have in a combat situation, the better your chances are of eliminating threats to your safety and the safety of your loved ones. This creates a compelling argument for the use of a semi-automatic rifle for property defense as they can store more rounds than a handgun or shotgun. However, some handguns can hold quite a bit of ammo and can also be equipped with extended magazines.

Any good home defense weapon should be optimized for tactical combat. The overall design of the weapon should allow for attachments, different grips, and include an ergonomic frame that is easy to handle. A tactical gun should have a Picatinny rail for attachments like lights or laser targeting. Most home defense pistols, shotguns, and rifles have rails and versatile customization options.

Home Defense Pistols

Pistols are optimal for home defense for a few reasons. Primarily, they are very lightweight and manageable. At the first sign of intruders, all you have to do is grab your pistol and go. It is easy to move while carrying a handgun and you can get a sightline and shoot quickly and efficiently. A well-designed self-defense pistol should offer excellent handling, and with a little time spent at the range, you should become very effective in using it.

Pistols can also be stored easily inside of your home. A pistol can be placed in an accessible place that is close to you, such as a bedside drawer. This way you will never be caught off-guard and you can respond to danger as fast as possible.

The most popular caliber for most modern self-defense pistols is 9mm, which is both manageable and powerful. Other calibers with impressive stopping power include .380 ACP, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, and .40 S&W. Other gun enthusiasts will tout their love of the .44 and the .45ACP.

Home Defense Rifles

Rifles can offer gun owners some great combat advantages. In a stressful, fluid situation, even the best-trained shooters may miss their shots. With the right clip, you won’t have to worry about running out of rounds at the worst possible time. If you make your shots count, you will have more than enough bullets to get the job done.

On average, people are actually more accurate when using a rifle then when shooting with a handgun. A rifle offers more brace and control from recoil, contributing to a more accurate shot. Rifles also have a longer sighting radius and better targeting options like scopes.

Rifles will offer more speed and power than your average pistol. While handling may take some more practice, if your greatest concern is how fast you can hit your enemies and how hard they’ll go down, then a home defense rifle may be the right choice for you.

Home Defense Rifles

Home Defense Shotguns

When it comes to close range encounters, nothing beats a shotgun. A tactical shotgun can make short work of hostiles that may be just down the hall. Tactical shotguns are also built shorter than standard hunting shotguns, so they are very maneuverable and great for clearing rooms and checking corners.

Shotguns are also definite winners in the power department. Your target is not going to get up and continue to present a threat if they’re hit with a 12-gauge round. Shotguns also tremendously improve accuracy because of their broad shot pattern, requiring less of a concentrated shot. This can also help save time as well when you don’t have to spend those extra seconds lining up the most accurate shot.

Semi-auto shotguns can also shoot quickly. While not as fast as a semi-auto pistol or rifle, a quick shotgun paired with their impressive power creates an effect of shock and awe that is very effective when in a combat situation. Creating a relentless attack can cause assailants to give up or flee. It can also break their concentration and allow you to neutralize them easier.

The Best Guns For Home Defense

Here you will discover the best guns for protecting your property and your family. Featured are three types of guns that will give you the best defense against unexpected threats, allowing you to be ready and prepared.

Glock 19

Glock is well known for making some of the most quality semi-automatic pistols available. Some would even argue that their polymer-framed handguns are the best in the world. The Glock 19, in particular, is an excellent pistol for home defense. The G19 has been compared to the original Glock 17, but the G19 is compact-sized which makes it even better for close-quarters combat.

Its dimensions are slightly slimmer and shorter than the G17, making it even easier to handle and maneuver. The gun is simpler to store in your home or in a gun safe. It is also easier to conceal on your person as an added bonus. The gun is slightly lighter than a full-sized pistol.

The G19 offers the perfect balance between power and accuracy. The recoil is minimal, but the resulting power is enough to drop hostiles effectively. The G19 also has a small rail, allowing you to pair the gun with a tactical light for laser targeting. This makes this pistol a great tactical addition to any arsenal.

The Glock 19 chambers 9mm Luger and has a standard mag capacity of 15 rounds, but can be equipped with an extended clip of up to 33 rounds. The weight of the gun is 30.18 oz. when fully-loaded and has a total length of 7.36” The crisp trigger pull is a lightweight 28 N of force required to fire.

Saint™ EDGE AR-15 – 5.56

For a quality semi-automatic rifle, look no further than the Saint™ Edge from Springfield Armory. Some custom AR builds that are much more pricey don’t even come close to matching the quality of the EDGE. It combines key components that give it excellent handling, accuracy, and high-performance shooting.

A major draw is that the EDGE weighs just a little over six pounds. This makes it one of the lightest AR-15 models available and makes it ideal for home defense. The free-float handguard and receiver add to the lightness and ease of handling. A Smith Armory exclusive muzzle eliminates almost all recoil and the Melonite-treated trigger combine to provide an extremely crisp and accurate shot. It just feels good to shoot this gun.

The Saint™ EDGE chambers 5.56 NATO rounds and has a total magazine capacity of 30 rounds. The rifle has a full weight of 6 lbs. 3 oz. and a total length of 35.75”. This is a mid-length adjustable gas system rifle. A top Picatinny rail also allows for the installation of a wide variety of scopes and targeting systems.

Benelli M3

Shotguns are one of the most powerful tools for home defense available. Not many shotguns can compare to the Benelli M3, however. Immediately, the M3 is special because it can alternate between being a pump-action shotgun to being a semi-auto. Shooters can have the best of both worlds and can try out which action type works better for them.

In semi-auto mode, the Benelli M3 has some of the smoothest and quickest cycling found in a shotgun ever. The recoil is also considerably lighter than many other shotguns. Functionality is the M3’s biggest selling point. It is a little lighter on tactical attachments than the other guns on this list, but as far as operation and stopping power goes, the M3 is unmatched. The gun does have holes drilled into the receiver for different scope and sight attachments.

The Benelli m3 is a 12-gauge shotgun and chambers 76 Magnum. The standard cartridge capacity is seven rounds. The stock to trigger length is 355 mm and the total weight of the gun is approximately 3,450 grams. The trigger pull is 28 N of force.

Final Thoughts

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