Reasons You Should Know About Gunsmithing

March 12, 2021
Reasons You Should Know About Gunsmithing

Have you ever thought about learning gunsmithing? With the ever-increasing number of gun owners in the United States, the need for qualified gunsmiths is also on the rise.

Discover why gunsmithing is an essential institution for shooters and gun owners in general and why a career as a gunsmith is worth considering.

A Traditional Institution

The art of building and repairing guns is an ancient tradition with hundreds of years of history. Gunsmiths have existed for as long as firearms themselves, dating back to the 13th century and the first true firearm, the handgonne.

Becoming a gunsmith is not only learning a valuable trade. You’ll also become part of a community that’s working to keep a traditional craft alive.

No Advanced Education Required

You don’t need expensive college degrees to become a gunsmith. If you have a high school diploma and a passion for firearms, you can join one of the many accredited gunsmithing schools nationwide.

Skill Development

The training and education you will receive while learning the trade can help you develop many essential skills, which can help you excel in many areas, not just in firearm-related careers. You’ll learn to produce technical drawings, put mathematics to practical use, and operate workshop tools, all of which can easily transfer to other professions.

Business Opportunities

Although it is possible to work part-time as a hobbyist gunsmith while keeping your primary job, fully committing to a gunsmithing career opens more doors.

Gun shops need resident gunsmiths and may offer you full-time employment. Weapon manufacturers may want to put your skills to use at their in-house shop. Even military and law enforcement agencies need people with gunsmithing expertise.

You can also start your own business. Many gunsmiths open their own shops, offering their skills and services with the freedom to express themselves through firearm building and customization.

Professional gunsmiths in America enjoy a high degree of job security.

An unprecedented number of Americans became first-time gun owners in 2020, and it is expected to continue increasing in 2021. It is reasonable to assume that many of them will need the skills of a professional gunsmith.

The Satisfaction of Helping Fellow Gun Owners

Every gun owner needs quality firearms in proper working order. As a gunsmith, your role is to ensure your customers’ guns work as intended, protecting your customers from the dangers of old, used, poorly-made, or poorly-maintained weapons.

You can also create custom guns for customers that make them feel like you’ve created a functional piece of art rather than a weapon, which will impress your fellow gun owners and allow you to take pride in your creations.

Take the Next Steps in Your Career

With an average yearly salary of approximately $75,000, gunsmithing is a potentially lucrative and fulfilling career. If you love firearms and want to turn your favorite hobby into a well-paying occupation, becoming a gunsmith is an excellent solution.

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