Top 4 .45 Caliber Handguns for Home Defense

May 15, 2019
Top 4 .45 Caliber Handguns for Home Defense

When it comes to a home defense firearm, a .45 caliber handgun is an excellent choice. The .45 caliber is powerful, which means more recoil than other popular handguns such as the 9mm. The .45 caliber handguns are also bulkier than most 9mm handguns, enabling them to pack more of a punch, especially when you must defend yourself and your family.

There are several .45 caliber handguns on the market, and you may ask yourself: What is the best handgun for home defense? While there is no right answer to these questions, here are four of our favorite .45 caliber handguns for home defense.

1. Colt M1911

There is no handgun more American than the Colt M1911. This weapon was used by the United States military from World War I through the Vietnam War and is considered the first .45 caliber handgun.

The Colt M1911 was eventually replaced in the military by another handgun on this list, the Beretta, but because the gun felt so comfortable to users, some units still use modern variants of it.

To this day, law enforcement in the United States, as well as militaries around the world, continue to use the Colt, and it is a staple when it comes to home defense.

With over 100 years of use, the Colt M1911 has proved that it can be trustworthy and reliable.

2. Beretta PX4 Storm

Beretta PX4 Storm

The Beretta PX4 Storm was designed to prove .45 caliber weapons can have little recoil. To do this, the barrel rotates 45 degrees after being shot to prevent the muzzle from rising. Preventing muzzle rise reduces the recoil and allows for a more accurate shot.

While the Beretta PX4 Storm is a .45 caliber handgun, its design is lightweight because it is made from polymer. The light-weight frame, rotating barrel, and .45 caliber rounds combine for an excellent handgun in all situations.

This handgun is smaller than most .45 caliber weapons and holds only nine rounds. If you need a small, powerful, and accurate handgun for home defense, then the Beretta PX4 Storm is perfect.

3. Glock G21

When it comes to handguns, no brand has a better reputation than Glock. The Glock G21 has a safe action trigger that prevents the weapon from discharging.

This Glock features dual recoil springs which both help to reduce recoil and extend the life of the gun. The recoil reduction helps with accuracy and combined with a 13 round magazine makes for an efficient weapon that lasts a long time.

The main problem people have with this weapon is a lack of comfort because the standard grip is rather large. Luckily, the grip is customizable to fit the hand of any user.

4. Taurus 24/7 OSS

The Taurus 24/7 OSS is a handgun with advanced features that is effective in almost every scenario. To create the gun, the experts at Taurus interviewed different special forces teams to ask them their favorite features in a handgun.

After receiving feedback, the Taurus 24/7 OSS was the result. Designed for both left and righthanded shooters, this weapon was built to satisfy anyone.

The sight is self-illuminating meaning that it will light up in darker places for improved accuracy.

The handgun was made to be durable by operating in the cold or heat as well as when covered in mud or sand.

The Taurus 24/7 is also designed for safety. It includes both a double strike feature and an orange magazine follower. The double strike feature allows users to quickly pull the trigger once more in the event of a misfire to try to dislodge the ammunition. The orange magazine follower tracks how much ammo is left in the magazine, allowing users to know when it is empty.

Which Handgun Should You Buy?

You cannot go wrong with the purchase of any handgun on this list. Try out how they feel and practice drawing and shooting with them at your local range before deciding on which firearm is best for you.

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