Buy Single Shot Shotguns in Sterling Heights

Buy Single Shot Guns in Sterling Heights

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Don’t make things unnecessarily complicated. Sometimes simple is better. This can apply in any area of life and shooting is no different. A single shot shotgun is a simple, elegant, yet deadly weapon. You can buy Single Shot Guns Online in Sterling Heights at our shop or through an online purchase. The simplicity of a single shot shotguns makes them a great choice for a beginner, although many experienced shooters love them too.

Henry Single Shot

Henry USA manufacturers several types of single shot shotguns. The Henry’s come in 12- gauge, 20-gauge, or .410. Brass beads are standard, with a barrel length of 28” for the 12-gauge and 26” for the 20-gauge and .410. All have a 14” length of pull.


The break-top design is a simple and reliable way to load the gun. Just break the gun open, load the shell into the chamber, lock it shut: simple, quick, and very reliable. Single shot shotguns have fewer working parts than other shotguns, giving it some advantages over the pump and semi-automatic shotguns. One advantage is that it is a lighter gun: Fewer parts means less weight.

A second advantage related to safety comes through the break-top design, which allows the shooter to see directly down the chamber to check that it is clear. A simple but effective way to ensure safe usage of the shotgun. Single shots are very inexpensive. The simplistic manufacture keeps the price down.

Shot Guns

Final Thoughts

Single shot shotguns have been around for a long time. And they will stay around for a long time too. If you have never owned a single shotgun, come in and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you find just the right weapon to fit your needs.

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