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With such a wide range of pistols available on the market, choosing one is as simple as determining your needs. If you prefer the feel of a lighter weight gun or need one for a concealed carry, a compact semi auto pistol is an excellent choice. With a variety of makes and models to choose from, there’s still so much to decide.

Features of a Compact Semi-Automatic Pistol

A semi auto handgun uses the energy of the recently fired cartridge to cycle the next round into the chamber. A single trigger pull means a single bullet is fired. A trigger disconnector that is not present in fully automatic pistols ensures this.

The compact version is simply slightly smaller, usually in barrel length and in the grip, and thus, the magazine. If, for example, a full-size pistol carries 17+1, then a compact is likely to carry 15+1. The amount the magazine can hold will vary depending on the make, model and caliber of the pistol.

Uses for a Compact Semi Auto

compact semi auto pistol

Compact pistols are excellent as a concealed carry weapon, as they are a smaller and easier to hide than the normal size handguns. Lighter in weight than their normal counterparts, a compact pistol is also more comfortable to carry in positions like inside the waistband. Compact handguns are also more popular with women, for their lighter weight as well as the small size.

A frequent problem with compact pistols is the grip. You may need to get new grips or adjustable straps. This can seriously improve your aim and ability to deal with the recoil that you’ll feel when firing a compact pistol.

At IFA Tactical, we can help you figure out which compact semi auto pistol will work best for you. We have a number of makes and models to choose from.

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