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The Glock poly-framed made pistol has long been associated with quality, reliability, and performance. Developed by company founder Gaston Glock, it entered Austrian police and military service in 1982.

Despite initial market concerns around its durability and safety as a “plastic” gun, it came out as a top performer in safety and reliability tests.

Glock pistols are now used by security services, militaries, police, and civilians in over 48 countries worldwide.

Popular Glocks

Glock Guns

1.Glock 17

The Glock 17 is one of the most famous of all Glocks and the handgun where it all began. Back when the Austrian military was looking for a pistol to replace the Walther P38, Gaston Glock seen an opportunity. He did not manufacture firearms; however, he did already supply the Austrian military with ammunition and other items.

Glock and a group of experts eventually came up with the G17 with a capacity of 17 rounds featuring a polymer frame. Glock won the contract, with many other militaries following in the footsteps of the Austrian military by adopting the Glock 17.

2.Glock 19

Although the Glock 17 was hugely successful the primary market was for military use. For many that wanted a pistol for self-defense or concealed carry, it was not the perfect gun. This is where the Glock 19 comes in, as it is basically a more compact version of the Glock 17.

As the Glock 19 was smaller, there was a slight trade-off, which was that the ammunition capacity was reduced to 15 rounds. Although not designed for military use, Navy SEALs and Army Rangers favor it.

2.Glock 43

One of the smallest subcompact pistols of its kind, the Glock 43 is only one inch thick, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry.

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