Lever Action Handguns

Lever Action Handguns for Sale in Sterling Heights

The lever action handgun features a unique design that is eye-catching, compact, and easy to use. Its most recognizable feature is a lever located near the trigger that is used to load a cartridge into the chamber of the barrel. The lever is pumped to push the round into place, making the use of the gun simple and straightforward.

The magazine of a lever action handgun can typically hold more than one round. This makes it a great time saver.

Lever Action Handguns

History of Lever Action

The lever action design was first created in the 1800’s. It quickly caught on and was used widely for years. It regained popularity in the 1950’s with the evolution of westerns in TV and cinema, as lever action handguns were often the guns of choice in these productions.

Today, lever action handguns are sought out by gun collectors, hunters, and target shooters. They’ve been tweaked over the years to allow the use of high-pressure cartridges, and their cartridge capacity makes them an excellent gun choice.

Why Lever Action?

Lever action handguns are more compact than other designs, making them a breeze to carry and use. They are easily stored and are simple to retrieve and aim. This ease of use is one of their biggest draws.

Another big draw is the ammo availability. The lever action handgun cartridges are easy to find, and they come in a variety of choices including low and high-pressure ammo.

The cartridge capacity makes rapid-fire easier in the lever action handgun than in single shot models. This saves the shooter time and can come in handy when it really counts.

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