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High-grade rifle ammo can be the difference between your weapon being an automatic and an awesome-matic! No one understands that better than IFA Tactical. That is why we bring you quality ammo at affordable prices, and we make it super easy to order wherever you are. All it takes is a click of your mouse.

At IFA Tactical provide the discerning hunter or recreational shooter with top quality rifle ammo for sale online. We have what you need, whether centerfire or rimfire, soft point or hollow point, whatever your rifle caliber. Let us help you lock and load. Whatever your target, we’ve got you covered, from FMJ to ballistic tip.

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Contemporary rifle ammo goes all the way back to the 1840s when the Flobert BB cap was made in France. Over time, ammo manufacturers eventually began using rimfire cartridges to be shot from rifles in calibers as small as .22 and larger like .58. Today ammo spans a broad range of brands and calibers. The experts at IFA Tactical are trained and experienced in helping customers determine the type of ammunition best for your needs.


There are times; you will need that steep angled lead tip to find your mark and cutting costs can prove counterproductive. At other times, when you really need eliminate that varmint, a hollow tip will do the job more effectively and end up saving you rounds. Stocking up with various rounds for a variety of targets has never been easier. IFA Tactical has rifle ammo to suit your every need.

For a decent round, you need high-quality materials and substantial grain to suit your target requirements. You also need to strike a balance between velocity and power. Buying your rifle ammo online need not be a risky business. At IFA Tactical’s website, you can contact helpful staff for professional advice to help you with your online purchase.

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