Long Range Bolt Action Rifles in Sterling Heights


We have long been fascinated with the idea of shooting objects from a distance, and with long range bolt action rifles, we can go even further. While there are special features that should be discussed with your local firearm supplier, here are a few things every rifle should have.

Properties of Bolt Action Rifles

Bolt action rifles usually get a lot of use under varying conditions. Many having hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds put through them during their lifetimes. As a result, it’s important to buy a durable, quality rifle that can take a lot of punishment.

The stock should fit snugly to your shoulder and offer a good cheek weld, for if you shoot one round, you’re going to fire more, and anything less can lead to trouble. While bolt actions are known for being reliable, purchasing one from a trusted brand gives you that added assurance that your hard earned money is being well spent.

The rifle should have a solid safety mechanism to prevent accidents from occurring, and everybody who may come into contact with it needs a safety briefing. While the nature of a bolt action makes it safer than a semi-automatic, you can never take too many precautions, and everybody should know when the safety is on.

Benefits of a Bolt Action


Bolt action rifles are simply made, with few moving parts, which makes them very reliable. It is common knowledge that the more moving parts a rifle has, the greater the chance that the rifle will jam or become blocked.

Bolt actions are available in a variety of calibers and ammunition types, so you’re sure to find a great fit. These rifles are easy to use and don’t require a whole lot of training. Most people can figure one out just by studying the rifle. Most of the technical knowledge needed is about hitting a target at a distance, not operating the rifle.

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