Bolt Action Rifles for Sale in Sterling Heights

Bolt action rifles are a time-tested solution for your firearm needs – from small caliper varmint guns to big bores for large game, even competitive and tactical shooting applications. The first rifle of this kind was developed in the early to mid-1800s by Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse for the Prussian army and revolutionized small-arms design, use, and manufacturing.

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IFA Tactical knows that bolt action rifles became so popular after they were first made that they singlehandedly rendered muzzleloaders obsolete and are still used today. Technology has progressed since then, and companies such as Remington, Browning, and Springfield continue to produce high-quality products with a variety of features within a range of budgets.

Bolt action riflie

Benefits of bolt-action firearms

  • Bolt action mechanisms are simple. Compared to other firearm actions, there are fewer moving parts. Fewer parts mean the mechanism is inexpensive and easy to manufacture. Additionally, firearms equipped with this action can quickly be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Bolt action rifles are accurate. Because the design features fewer moving parts, there is less chance for the mechanism to malfunction. The ammunition fits in the chamber with tighter tolerances. There’s also less opportunity for the ammunition to misfire.
  • Bolt actions are powerful. They can be built to handle any cartridge width, from a .22LR to 12-gauge shotgun shells. Bolt actions are versatile and can be affordably built to use even the largest cartridge. Semi-auto rifles that could handle something like a .50 caliber are typically only available for military applications, and custom builds are priced out of the budget for personal gun owners.

Bolt Action Rifles for Sale

Though most military rifles use semi-automatic action because of its higher rate of fire, snipers and hunters tend to use bolt action rifles because of their simplicity and power.

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