May 5, 2019

Whether you’re hunting big game or small, a great hunting rifle can never be underestimated. Perhaps you’re new to hunting, or you’re looking to upgrade your rifle before your next hunting season trip. There are plenty of rifles on the market, especially if you’re looking for the best bolt-action rifle to take down your game quickly, efficiently, and from long ranges.

When it comes to hunting rifles, accuracy, speed, and reliability are all key components to a successful shoot. With bolt-action rifles, this also depends heavily on how comfortable you are operating the bolt and dealing with the recoil. If you’re looking for a less-complex shoot and less recoil, there are plenty of semi-auto hunting rifles on the market, too. You will also be able to find plenty of rifles with rotary magazines and lever-action rifles.

Check out this list of great hunting rifles, and head on down to the range to try them out to find which rifle will work best for your next hunting trip.

1. Savage Arms 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP

Savage Arms 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP is one of the most affordable and best bolt-action rifles on the market. The Trophy series is one of the most trusted models of hunting rifles. They’re sleek, simply designed, and ready to fire with accuracy and reliability. The Trophy Hunter holds up under all kinds of conditions, and it comes with a high-quality scope that is already bore-sighted. Here are some of the specifications for the 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP.

2. Remington 783 with Scope

Preceded by the legendary Remington 700, Remington 783 is a classic and reliable high-performance hunting rifle. The dual-pillar bedding platform with a free-floating barrel provides consistency on every shot. The crisp and adjustable CrossFire trigger system lets you customize your shooting experience. The 783 features a pre-mounted and bore-sighted scope, so you’re ready to head out and hunt right out of the box. It’s also one of the more affordable quality hunting rifles on the market. The specifications of the 783 include:


3. Ruger American Standard

The Ruger American Standard rifle series has quality, affordable rifles that are built to endure and last. The Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger is crisp and customizable for what feels best for you. The Power Bedding block system allows for the best accuracy with the free-floating barrel feature. It’s a simple design, and it works when it fires. It’s durable and reliable, and you can count on low recoil thanks to the rubber butt padding and lightweight design. Here are the specifications on the American Standard:

4. Browning BAR MK3 Stalker

If you’re more interested in a semi-automatic rifle instead, there are plenty of affordable, quality choices. This Browning BAR rifle is one of the best semi-automatic hunting rifles available to hunters today, and it’s an especially good choice for big-game hunts. The BAR has a gas piston design and multi-lug rotary bolt, which allows for better accuracy and lower recoil. The rifle is lightweight but packs plenty of punch when it comes to firing and bringing down large game. It comes ready to fire with scope mounts, and with no bolt action to operate, you will enjoy the quick recovery and rate of fire that comes with a semi-automatic hunting rifle. Here are the specifications on the MK3 Stalker:

5. Marlin 1895

This lever-action hunting rifle looks gorgeous and feels great to shoot. They use big bore rounds of .45-70 Government. They have many advantages that you would expect from a classic rifle, like quick-handling and a fast look down the sights towards the big game you are trying to take down. The Marlin 1895 model also features all the stopping power you will need to take down the big game that you are pursuing during your hunting trips. One of the most attractive parts about the Marlin rifle is that it combines a practical and powerful hunting rifle with a timeless style. You can find the Marlin in multiple finishes and wood styles.

6. Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight

This incredibly reliable hunting rifle won the Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice award based on its unwavering dependability and accuracy. What is miraculous about the Finnlight is that it combines the features that all good rifles should have like accuracy and range with a lightweight and compact design. Most weight-saving rifles sacrifice quality but that is no issue for the Finnlight. Weighing in at only six pounds, the Finnlight is a versatile and powerful rifle. You may want to consider utilizing the lightweight nature of the Finnlight if your hunting trip is going to involve a lot of on-foot travel.

7. All-Purpose All-Star Weatherby Vanguard Series 2

Hunters seeking a balanced and well-rounded rifle have hit the jackpot with the Weatherby Vanguard Series 2. This rifle demonstrates expert and beautiful craftsmanship. They are perfectly designed to excel at accuracy, range, and quick handling. You will also find that the price of this rifle is also very agreeable. As far as getting your money’s worth goes, you cannot go wrong with the All-Purpose All-Star Weatherby Vanguard Series 2. The three-position safety is another good touch that adds an extra layer of safety and security to this formidable gun. The Vanguard comes in a bunch of different configurations and calibers making it an extremely versatile tool to have in your arsenal. You can opt for classic styles with wooden finishes or weather-resistant, synthetic finishes.

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