An Overview of the 4 Best Rifle Scopes for Hunting

hunting rifle scope

Before we get into the overview of the scopes, it’s a good idea to review what, exactly, a scope is.
A scope is a device that provides some level of magnification to improve the shooter’s visual.

The correct hunting rifle scope can make all the difference to your shooting. An average rifle can make an amazing shot with the right scope, but it won’t matter how far your rifle can shoot if you can’t see your target.

Below we’ll review four scopes to give you an idea of where to start.

1.Leupold VX-5HD DPX

The HD in the name stands for high definition, and it has the quality of glass to prove it. They’ve also included what they’ve dubbed their Twilight Max Light Management System, to allow hunters to better see deer at the times when they’re most active.

The adjustments on the VX hold zero well and are extremely reliable. They’re very easy to sight, and the elevation and windage turrets have noticeable clicks when adjusting.

Leupold also offers customized dials, the Custom Dial System ZeroLock. This means that they will build you an elevation dial based on your particular rifle, scope, hunting load, and normal hunting situations.

2.Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 Rifle Scope

The Acupoint is unique in that is has a self-illuminating amber dot at the center of the reticle, and also has a fiber-optic array for use in daylight. The amber dot means that you can still shoot even if you can’t see the reticle, and it can be brightened or darkened as you need.

Trijicon Accupoint doesn’t require batteries either, which makes for a lighter scope and fewer moving parts. This scope has proved to be durable, lightweight, and great to use in various lighting conditions.
Rifle Scopes for Hunting

3.Tract Toric Ultra HD 3-15x42

The Toric is a rifle scope created on par with brands that have built their reputations over decades and holds its own in stiff competition. It offers impressive value and high-quality design and workmanship in a durable package.

The scope was sealed and purged with argon gas, rendering it both fog- and waterproof. The Toric features a ballistic drop compensating (BDC) reticle and knurled sighting rings for improved grip in all weather conditions.

4.Burris XTR II 5-25x50 Rifle Scope

The Burris XTR is a tough-built hunting scope with Burris’ Special Competition Reticle. This reticle has a floating crosshair that is .2mm wide, and the positions at marked .2mm apart. That makes the XTR lens look busy, but with a bit of practice, you’ll find it lends itself to extreme precision.

The turret knobs have scallops like ridging which provides exceptional grip in all weather, and also mud. Each turn has a distinct click, letting you track the turns without having to constantly check.

At full magnification, the visuals become darker, and it is harder to see, but not until you’ve turned the magnification to the full 25. Overall, the Burris XTR is an admirable scope that’s built for hard use.

If you buy a hunting rifle scope online, make sure to check that it can do what you need. Make sure you know what conditions you’ll be using the rifle and scope under, and discuss it with a dealer first if you require help or advice.