Five Best Single Shot Shotguns

March 18, 2019
Five Best Single Shot Shotguns

The Single Shot Shotguns is an American staple, right there with the Winchester lever-action rifle. Before we had all of these repeaters, there was the single-shot break action shotgun that was used by young and old for defense, law enforcement, and hunting. More effective at close range than a single-shot rifle, the Single Shot Shotguns quickly became a popular firearm in the American West.

Favored because break actions are very reliable, these firearms were taken out in every kind of weather and situation. The simplicity of the shotgun ensured it would give you one shot for one trigger pull, and makes it ideal for beginners as well as experienced shooters.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it should give you an idea of where to start if you decide to check out a single shot break action shotgun for sale.

Henry Wisconsin Single Shot

This break action shotgun has an external rebounding hammer and an interlock system that prevents you from opening the action if the shotgun is cocked. Available in several gauges including 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 gauge, there are options to suit any shooter.

The single-shot can also be found with either a brass or steel frame and a wooden stock to match. For example, the black matte steel frame comes with an American walnut stock, so it’s never out of place.

Midland Backpack Shotgun

This shotgun is unique because it folds into a sharp V shape that fits snugly into most backpacks. At four pounds twelve ounces, it’s perfect to take on a hike if your preferred hunting grounds require a long walk.

This durable, mid-range shotgun comes in the three most popular gauges, 12, 20, and .410. It has interchangeable barrels available, so if you start with a 12 gauge, you can quickly and easily switch to a .410 gauge.

It’s a great budget shotgun that you’ll feel comfortable taking out in any situation without worrying about damaging. It’s a shorter length of pull makes it easy to shoot and remain accurate from a decent range. The Midland Backpack shotgun is essentially the Swiss Army knife of shotguns. It is versatile and reliable, two things that any outdoorsman or survivalist should highly value.

Browning BT-99 Micro Midas

Built specifically for trap shooting, the Micro Midas weighs just under eight pounds and has a 28 inch, blued steel barrel. The stock and handguard are made with grade one black walnut, and it has a gold plated trigger.

It has the improved modified choke tube and a raised vent rib for improved performance with a flat choke wrench included in the box.

CZ Sharp Tail Coach

As you may suspect from the name, this particular style got its start on the stagecoaches that used to be a primary means of travel in the 19th century. The Coach is a double-barreled, side by side, break action shotgun that weighs just over six and a half pounds. Like all coach guns, it has a shorter barrel at only 20 inches, to make it more maneuverable, particularly with the rough motions of a stagecoach.

It is an extractor only firearm, though it requires little effort to remove spent shells. You could simply tip the barrels up and have the shells fall out, which is frowned on at skeet shoots.

T/C Arms Encore Pro Hunter Shotgun

The Pro Hunter is a modern looking shotgun with a stainless steel barrel that conceals its best modifications. The fully rifled barrel and meticulous detail of the fluting give you the highest muzzle velocity possible. It is seven and a half pounds with a 28-inch barrel of blued or black steel.

Like the Midland Backpack Shotgun, the Encore Pro Hunter is also capable of switching calibers by simply changing out the barrel.

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