My Favorite Pump Action Rifles

December 11, 2018
Pump Action Rifles

There are two rifle actions that have been going strong for over 150 years. Lever and pump actions came into use in the mid-1800s, and while the modern rifles have better materials and machining, the action has changed very little.

A pump action rifle is my preferred rifle, for comfort, grip, and because they’re so much fun to shoot. With the right rifle and plenty of practice, a pump action can be fired as fast as a semi-auto, and they’re very accurate as well. If you know how to fire a shotgun, you’ll be comfortable with the workings of a pump action rifle.

Remington 7600 Carbine

Remington based their rifle designs on their pump-action shotguns, so for those who learned to shoot on a shotgun, there is little additional instruction needed. This centerfire rifle uses .30-06 Springfield cartridges for the best shooting and is a powerful big game rifle.

Remington has always had a reputation for durability and making high-quality firearms that are accurate and reliable. Taking all of that quality out hunting, or onto the rifle range, lets you see exactly what a rifle should feel like.

Twin action bars make for smooth and reliable handling, and if a second shot is needed, then it can be fired with hardly a pause. The 22-inch barrel means that it’s very maneuverable in the brush, and it’s can also be found with an 18.5-inch barrel.

Henry Pump Octagon

While the Henry Pump Octagon’s action may be a bit stiff at first, firing a couple of hundred rounds soon smooths the action out. The barrel is a beautifully blued steel in a distinctive octagonal shape, and combined with the walnut stock, makes a gorgeous rifle.

The action is all steel and covered with a zinc alloy receiver cover. This rimfire pump action uses .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges for your best shooting.

The rifle itself weighs in a 6 pounds, making it easy to carry for long distances, and shooting it is downright fun. Using the factory sights up to 100 yards is great, but beyond that, it gets a bit difficult. However, Henry knows their business and have added a grooved receiver so you can add a scope.

Remington 572 BDL Fieldmaster

pump action

The Remington Fieldmaster can handle .22 short, .22 long, and .22 long rifle cartridges easily. A rimfire model, this pump action rifle is lighter than the Remington 76oo and with less recoil.

The blue polished, carbon steel barrel matched with an American walnut stock makes for an attractive rifle and showcases the classic rimfire rifle. They’ve also made it easy to add a scope with a receiver already grooved and ready for one.

Taylor’s Pedersoli Lightning Pump Action

This was probably the fastest gun to fire and is a lightweight, easy to carry a rifle with smooth, fast action. This centerfire rifle is an accurate replica of the Colt slide action which was incredibly popular in the 1890s.

If you’re looking to shoot authentic replicas, this is a great choice. There are several choices in the barrel length, from an octagonal or round barrel in 24 and 26 inches, a carbine with a 20-inch octagonal barrel, and a baby carbine with a 20 inch round barrel. It’s available in 3 different calibers, the .357 Magnum, .44-40 Winchester, and .45 Long Colt. It’s designed for target shooting and large game hunting.

Pump action rifles are fun, great for shooting at target and hunting, though I prefer target shooting and practicing speed. If you’re looking for a good pump action rifle for sale, we’d be pleased to chat with you, and we’ll give you the best possible service.

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