Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles Online in Detroit, Michigan

Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles Online in Detroit, Michigan

Semi-automatic rifles operate with an action that automatically ejects and rechambers a new round every time the trigger is pressed. Only one round can be shot each time the shooter pulls the trigger.

If you are looking for semi-automatic rifles for sale, you will find that IFA Tactical has one of the largest in-stock selections in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Semi Automatic Rifles

How Many Types of Semi-Automatic Rifles Are There?

Unlike a bolt action rifle, a semi-automatic rifle automatically chambers a round when you fire off a shot. Many have adjustable gas systems to help fine-tune the action.

The main principle is the same behind all of them, but some differences exist between semi-automatic rifles. Some of them use gas to expel the empty cartridge after a shot, others use blowback, blow forward, or recoil. Older guns required manual cycling of the action, which was time-consuming. Being able to automatically load the rounds, semi-automatic guns were preferred because they could shoot much faster at a greater number of rounds per minute.

Semi-automatic come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and types with many different accessories depending on the model you choose. From a Springfield Armory AR-15 rifle firing a 5.56 NATO round or the iconic Browning Bar that shoots 30-’06 rounds to a Ruger 10/22 plinker for target shooting that shoots .22 caliber ammunition, there are many types of semi-auto rifles.

Law enforcement, and in most circumstances the military, favor the semi-automatic rifle.


Most semi-automatics come with steel barrels, synthetic stocks, and often are gas-operated.
There is a wide range of accessories available for many models.

You may want to add optics to your rifle using a Picatinny Rail. You may want different grips, a wooden stock, an integral flashlight, or a different barrel to shoot different types of ammunition.

Types of Semi-Automatic Rifles

The AR-15 and Why It Is So Popular

AR 15 style rifles are possibly the most famous example of a semi-automatic rifle in North America. In fact, it’s so famous it is estimated that about one in five purchased guns in America is an AR 15, with a total of around 15 million owned by citizens.

It was developed as an improved version of the AR-10, which was an innovative gun by itself. The AR 15 is a semi-automatic variant of what would later be the M16, the famous automatic rifle used by the U.S. military during Vietnam and afterward.

Many versions of the AR exist, in various sizes, as well as calibers and configurations. Its popularity has made it one of the best-selling rifles ever.

Semi-automatic rifles come with multiple advantages over guns that use other types of actions. They are faster, and they make great home defense guns.

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