10 of Our Favorite Pump-Action Shotguns

May 7, 2018
Pump-Action Shotguns

We love shotguns. They are powerful tools with a force that can be felt and seen more than almost any other type of firearm. From the kick to the burst and even the pump-action, shotguns are satisfying to use. With so many shotguns for sale online, we narrowed down your search to some of the best.

1.The Mossberg 510

Mossberg 510

The Mossberg 510 is an excellent buy for beginner shotgun owners. The stock comes with interchangeable rubber additions to reduce shock to the shoulder. The gauge itself is a .410 bore, meaning the kick is significantly less than your typical 12- or 20-gauge shotgun; the action is also easier to pump than larger shotguns. Beginners will feel comfortable easing in by learning their way around a lightweight gun like this.

2.The H&R Pardner

H&R Pardner

The new England company H&R Pardner is known for quality craftsmanship and at affordable prices. At less than $200, this gun is an excellent choice for someone who has never owned a gun before. It is also a cost-effective choice for anyone looking to buy a general use firearm for skeet shooting, hunting, or even home defense. Not only is it versatile, but, the design is sleek, and the synthetic body is durable for all the wear and tear it may sustain during any activity.

3.The Maverick 88

Maverick 88

The Maverick 88 is a steal at just over $250. Maverick designs their guns mainly for those who will be taking them out to the woods, plains, and other rugged environments, and the 88 is no different. They pride themselves on quality performance outdoor guns that last for years. The Maverick 88, is designed with rifle sights meant to assist primarily in hunting.

4.The Stevens 320

Stevens 320

The Stevens 320 is especially popular amongst bird hunters. The pistol-grip allows for a more comfortable and natural wrist position and is faster to set up for a shot which comes in handy when hunting fowl. The design fits right onto your shoulder and provides extra stability to your aim. This is an excellent option to consider if you want a secure and comfortable feel, though the kick-back on the wrist takes a bit of getting used to.

5.The Mossberg 535 Combo

 Mossberg 535 Combo

With two interchangeable barrels, the Mossberg 535 Combo is one of the most versatile pump-action shotguns online today. The design for the 535 is optimized for hunting turkey and waterfowl. Mossberg has worked hard to make sure the quality is top-notch, even with frequent interchanging between the two barrels. If you want a shotgun with options, the 535 is worth a look.

6.The Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500

The Mossberg 500 is like the 535. However, it is smaller and shoots 20-gauge rounds compared to the 12-gauge rounds used by the 535. This is the gun you would get a smaller adult or a teen for fowl hunting, thanks to its compact size. We also recommend the 500 for those who want a lighter gun but do not want to sacrifice too much power or versatility.

7.Standard Manufacturing Company DP-12 Double Barrel

DP-12 Double Barrel

Standard Manufacturing Company has made a tactical style pump-action shotgun with two grips. This is not your standard pump-action shotgun. This is for those who will be moving around with their firearm and need a strong grip for better accuracy and control. Not only does it have the tactical style and grips but it is also double-barreled. The look and feel of this particular gun cannot be overstated. The sheer power this gun gives off at first glance is enough to testify to its potential to be your favorite shotgun.

8.The UTAS UTS-15


This pump-action shotgun by UTAS is one of the most coveted and sought-after pump-action shotguns sold online. The UTS-15’s lightweight alloy body, interchangeable 7-round magazines, durability, and tactical appearance make it stand out as a premium option. Experts and novices alike claim that shooting the UTS-15 is a powerful experience like no other.

9.Inland Manufacturing by Ithaca M37 Trench Gun

Ithaca M37 Trench Gun

Inland Manufacturing decided to go old school. The design is based on World War II-style trench shotguns. The butt is made from walnut to give it a more rustic appearance, not often seen by most modern synthetic stocks. The process to make this beautiful firearm is based on manufacturing techniques in the WWII era. There is also a bayonet lug included that can hold an original 1917 long bayonet. Inland put obvious effort to make sure this gun was as close as possible to the Model 37 trench guns used in WWII. If you want a sleek, beautiful, pump-action shotgun that also feels like a piece of American history, the M37 is a stellar choice to consider.

10.The Winchester Super X

The Winchester Super X

Lastly, the Winchester Super X is what we consider to be the overall “best bang for your buck.” The Super X pump-action fires off three shots in only half of a second, thanks to the inertia-assisted slide action. Winchester claims to have designed the pump-action shotgun with the quickest follow-up shot on the market, with this one.

If you are looking for speed, and a proven history of quality craftsmanship in the Winchester brand, the Winchester Super X is your gun. At only $356, we highly recommend it to hunters and skeet shooters. This gun will not disappoint. Anyone willing to test out its apparent record-breaking speed will be in awe of the power and craftsmanship.

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