Three Examples of Quality .22 Bolt-Action, Lever, and Semi-Auto Rifles

The .22 bolt action rifle has been around for over a century. The ammunition used, .22LR, makes these guns very inexpensive to use.

Today, shooters have a choice between bolt actions, lever actions, and semi-automatic .22 rifles.

Whatever type you buy; a .22 rifle makes a great weapon to use when teaching new shooters. It also is a very inexpensive way to target shoot and hone your firing skills.

There are many brands and types of .22 action rifles on the market today. Choosing one depends on the shooter, and for what purpose he or she will use the gun.

Features to Consider

When looking for a .22, think about the sorts of features you might want. These may include things like accuracy, safety, and price.

For varmint shooting you might want a gun with optics, so you have a better chance of hitting your target at longer ranges.

Safety is also important. Some .22 bolt actions have extra safeties or ambidextrous ones so both left and right-handed shooters can easily engage them.

Everyone usually thinks about the price. If you want a gun to take to the range and shoot occasionally or to hunt varmints during the annual two-week trip to grandma’s farm, you likely don’t need one with all the bells and whistles.

The Round

The .22LR found gives you good accuracy out to about 150 years. Since the .22LR is a rimfire cartridge, without a centrally located primer, the rounds will not provide the same degree of certainty a centerfire cartridge offers.

The impact energy, related to feet per second out of the barrel, of a .22LR, while adequate for varmint shooting, is substantially less than a regular rifle round. For example, the NATO 5.56 round has almost 14 times the foot-pounds of energy a .22LR round has.

Savage Arms 64 FXP

Exceptionally low prices, this .22 has a detachable box magazine that holds ten rounds.

Although not fancy, most find this a great “plinker” gun for backyard target shooting or for teaching someone to shoot a rifle.

The 64 FXP comes with a scope, great for varmint hunting at longer ranges.

CZ 455 American

The CZ 455 comes with lots of additional features and add-ons.

You can purchase one with interchangeable barrels for .22LR or .17 HRM ammunition.

Great for hunters, experts consider this one of the highest quality guns of its type on the market.

The 455 American has an adjustable trigger with a hammer-forged barrel for greater accuracy.

The five-round magazine is slightly less than some .22 bolt actions, but most varmint hunters and target shooters will not find this much of an impediment.

Ruger 10-22 Carbine

The 10-22 has been one of the most popular .22 bolt action rifle for over 50 years.

The gas blowback system gives the shooter an excellent, rapid pace when taking shots.

Of the many models to chose from, if you like to add accessories to your guns, the tactical version comes with a Picatinny rail.

Ruger also makes youth models with shorter barrels.

All models come with a positive safety.

Browning BL-22

The Browning BL-22, a lever-action rifle, is known for its accuracy. The lever action has a very short throw, allowing the shooter to fire more rapidly than many other brands.

This Browning, although it does not come out of the box with a scope, has a grooved receiver to make mounting the scope of your choice easier.

Aesthetically, the BL-22 exudes quality. The blued receiver and barrel finish, matched with the dark walnut stock makes it very pleasing to the eye.

Although a bit pricey compared to others, the obvious quality and workmanship put into the gun make it a good option for many.