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The best handgun varies, depending on your needs, body dimensions, the characteristics of the weapon, and your preferred weapon styling. Law enforcement requires a gun with stopping power, whereas a beginner shooting at vermin around the farm may prefer a gun that is easy to fire and does not have much recoil.

Whatever your needs, IFA Tactical has a wide range of classic and modern handguns to suit every individual. Choose from semi-automatic rifle and revolver pistols to round out your firearm collection.

Best handgun

Handgun Fit

One of the most important aspects of a handgun is the fit. A comfortable grip improves draw speed and accuracy, which can make a crucial difference if you need to defend yourself and your home. A full-size grip absorbs more recoil than a compact grip, and comes with a slightly longer barrel, increasing the sight radius between the rear sight and front sight for better aim.

However, a compact grip is better for concealed carry. Although you compromise by losing some sight radius, the smaller grip is much easier to hide.

Handgun Safety

While there is no substitute for proper handling, keeping your weapon holstered unless you are sure you need to draw, and only firing when you clearly identify your target, there are safety features that can help. A double-action trigger pull is heavier and longer than a single-action trigger pull.

It requires more effort to fire the handgun, giving you time to think about your shot. Although it can be detrimental to accuracy, a double-action pull may prevent accidental discharge from a loaded chamber, a common issue in stressful emergencies.

You can also buy a handgun with a manual safety mechanism, preventing the trigger from depressing. You must disengage the safety before firing the gun, preventing the gun from shooting if dropped, or if a finger accidentally brushes the trigger.

Handgun Sights

A handgun usually has rear and front sights. The rear sights are the set closest to the shooter, and the front sights sit at the end of the barrel. Sights can be fixed or adjustable, with fixed sets being difficult to upgrade or change. You can move adjustable sights to compensate for windage and different weights of ammo caliber.

If you plan on target shooting, adjustable sights are the best option. Fixed sights are fine for home defense since any shooting in these scenarios is likely at close range and indoors. You can purchase a handgun with three-dot sights, which makes it easier to acquire your target quickly.

Combine them with a night sight that uses tritium to create a continuous night source, and your dots are visible in the dark. These sights are excellent for home defense situations because many home invasions happen in the dark.

Handgun Firing Action

Striker-fired pistols give the same trigger action every time, whereas a hammer-fired pistol can provide varying feedback. The first shot on a double-action trigger can feel heavy because the fist action cocks the hammer.

Striker-fired handguns do not use a hammer to hit the firing pin, which ignites the cartridge. Instead, when you slide the rack to chamber a round, a spring partially cocks. The trigger pull moves the spring the rest of the way, and the striker pin contacts the cartridge, which fires the round.

A striker-fired handgun is a popular concealed-carry choice, as these tend to come with lightweight polymer frames. However, the lighter body can make it harder to control the recoil, so you have to decide which feature is most suitable for you.

Handgun Caliber

Caliber describes the internal diameter of a handgun’s barrel, and subsequently, the size of the bullet the gun can fire. There are key factors to consider when choosing your weapon caliber, such as price. It’s not always the case, but with a larger caliber, the ammo is more expensive. Market supply and demand cause price fluctuations, but you can expect to pay more for larger bullets in general.

While not the only factor affecting stopping power, a larger caliber weapon is usually more effective for stopping a target. Although this may seem like an ideal choice for a home defense weapon, larger calibers also result in a more powerful recoil, so it is more difficult to re-aim if you need to take more than one shot.

If you are set on buying a larger caliber handgun, you’ll also be purchasing a larger firearm, so it may not be as suitable for concealed carry as a smaller caliber weapon. Semi-automatic pistols require larger magazines, whereas a smaller caliber handgun can use a single stack system to reduce your grip size.

Handgun Caliber

Modern Handguns

The innovative handguns of modern times provide you with virtually unlimited options. You can choose from attractive metal frame guns such as the CZ 75, or go for the lightweight polymer frame of a Glock 19. Many people choose a best handgun for home defense,, and there are popular models such as the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and SIGSauer P320 that provide the ideal blend of stopping power and compact design.

Modern handguns are precision-made and benefit from years of manufacturing experience, customer feedback, and technology advancements. It’s rare to find a firearm that loses performance when it comes into contact with inclement weather conditions or if you haven’t fired it in a while.

The ability to upgrade your weapon can be crucial if you identify an issue after bringing it home. Changing the grip, adding laser sights, and augmenting your gun with a safety mechanism can all be vital for your needs. You can also customize your handgun with a left-handed grip or right-handed grip on many models, rather than making do with a weapon that doesn’t fit your physical characteristics.

Most modern handguns also come backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you have peace of mind if something goes wrong in the future. A good gunsmith can also apply a cerakote finish to keep your firearm protected from damage and in good working order. When you think of the money invested in your firearm, it’s essential to keep it safe from wear-and-tear or accidental damage.

Classic Handguns

Whether you’re searching for a unique piece of the American Old West to your firearm collection or you’re in the market to change your current carry piece, IFA Tactical offers a wide range of classic handguns.

Few items in a gun collector’s cabinet can evoke the sense of nostalgia that comes from seeing and handling classic handguns. Although there’s no specific age to signify that a firearm is a classic, particular characteristics are usually evident.

Classic handguns allow us to look into the past to see how steel was forged and wood was carved by hand. You can see when companies started to integrate new components and materials into their products.

Early handguns show us how manufacturing processes have changed and what improvements companies made based on customer feedback. In some well-used firearms, it’s possible to make out personal inscriptions and hand-wear.

Classic handguns are great additions to any collection, and no experience compares to shooting these yesteryear tools.

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