Classic and Innovative Handguns for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

Whether you’re searching for a unique piece of the American Old West to your firearm collection or in the market to update your current carry piece, IFA Tactical offers a wide range of classic and innovative handguns.

Few items in a gun collector’s cabinet can evoke the sense of nostalgia that comes from seeing and handling classic handguns. Although there’s no specific age to signify that a firearm is classic, certain characteristics are usually evident.

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Classic handguns allow us to look into the past to see how steel was forged and wood was carved by hand; you can see when companies started to integrate new components and materials into their products. Early handguns show us how manufacturing processes have changed, and what improvements companies made based on customer feedback. In some well-used specimens, it’s possible to make out personal inscriptions and hand-wear.

Innovative Handguns

Classic handguns are great additions to any collection, and no experience compares to shooting these tools of yesteryear; but you can’t beat the balance, durability, and reliability of newer handguns. Today’s firearms stand up to novice shooters and mediocre cleaning practices much better than their predecessors.

Additionally, manufacturers continually update their product lines to accommodate features like higher capacity magazines, lighter stocks, and better sights.

Household brands like Ruger, Glock, and Smith and Wesson are offering more selections with smoother lighter triggers, ergonomic grips, easier safety mechanisms, and interchangeable parts.

Before purchasing any firearm, no matter what age, be sure to check your local laws concerning permits for gun collecting, ownership, and concealment. IFA Tactical is an FFL dealer that can help you transfer ownership of online or out-of-state purchases.

Personnel at IFA Tactical are ready to address questions pertaining to your interest in classic and innovative handguns.

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