Henry’s Mare’s Leg Lever Action Pistols


Steve McQueen in the popular late 1950s, early 1960s western series, Wanted– Dead or Alive, carried one. Every since the Mare’s Leg lever action pistol has become an iconic symbol of the Old West.

However, the gun, although modeled after a Winchester Model 1892, was created for use in the TV series

TV Origins

The Mare’s Leg was originally designed by a gunsmith, Kenny Howard, who worked on several Hollywood movies and TV series. Steve McQueen helped with the design.

Kenny used a .44.-40 caliber Winchester Model 1892, a modern version, cut off the barrel down to nine inches, and shorted the butt stock. They made a custom holster and added an extra-large lever, exaggerating the oval shape.

According to Hollywood lore, when Steve McQueen took it to the range to fire it, he said it kicked like a mare’s leg, and hence the name.

The gun became so popular, versions of it have been used in several TV shows, movies, and video games.
There were three different guns used during the filming of Wanted-Dead or Alive, and one of them is on display in the Fort Spaghetti Restaurant and Museum in Anaheim, California.

ATF Problems

The TV producers of the show wanted to make something unique that would get the public’s attention. They not only got the attention of the American public, the gun caught the attention of the U.S. Treasury Departments, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division, now known as the ATF.

The ATF declared the gun illegal and forced the show to pay over $11,000 in registration fees.

The Real Thing

The popularity of the TV series and the gun’s use in other Hollywood productions eventually drove several gun companies to manufacture working lever-action handguns of various calibers.

Henry repeating arms offers three versions of the mare’s leg lever action handgun:

  • 22 S/L/LR blued
  • 45 Colt, .357 Magnum, and 44 Magnum Brass
  • 22 Magnum

These come with an easy to load tubular magazine, the iconic extra-large lever loop, and quality American Walnut stock. The gun is 25 inches long, with a nine-inch barrel, and weighs close to six pounds.

Since the barrel is so small, it is illegal to own if it were classified as a rifle and took rifle rounds, so these mare’s guns must be chambered for handgun ammunition.


Chiappa also produces a Mare’s Leg in .44-40 caliber and .44 magnum.

The Armi Sport subdivision of Chiappa produces a version also, in the same three calibers, but also has a take-down version.

The action of the Chiappa’s are closer to the Winchester Model 92 style than the Henry version.

The Terminator

The visual appeal of the Mare’s Leg has not mellowed with time.
A Mare’s Leg shotgun version was the perfect match for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his role in The Terminator series.

The directors used a Winchester Model 87 lever-action 12-gage shotgun, 29-inches long with a 19-inch barrel. The directors felt that given Arnold’s size and muscularity, a shotgun seemed more appropriate than the Steve McQueen/Josh Randell character version.